Me and My Shadow!

My children are too damn cute.

So Boy 1 has soaked the bathroom.

Me “E – I am feeling very angry right now can you please get dressed and go and play outside”

My little 3 year old shadow “and me, me too I am very VERY angry”.

Me ” Soaking the bathroom floor is not acceptable”.

My little 3 year old shadow “ooohhhh its bad, its very VERY bad”.

Me “It costs a lot of money to fix a ceiling”.

My little 3 year old shadow “thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS” (can you tell he has heard this before).

Me “go outside please and think what you should do to fix this”

My little 3 year old shadow “me too me outside me outside”.


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2 thoughts on “Me and My Shadow!”

  1. Hello i am a mother to one plus a doula though i don’t have much experience and am in the process of putting myself back out there to start work again. I came across your website and like what i see! It would be lovely to have you as a contact. Much love x

    • Hello Elspeth and thank you for your lovely words. I will be starting a mailing list soon – feel free to keep in touch and email me any questions.


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