Utilising Anti-Spam For The New Website Developer

Developing my own website has been a baptism of fire, there has been so much to think about – there is a wordpress plug in for everything and advice on absolutely every topic under the sun.

One of the things I wasn’t sure about and was advised against was having comments open on my blog posts,

“You’ll just end up with loads of spam”

was the general consensus – of course there are plugins and upgrades and paid options for that too. Spam is an issue for security, because it fills your site up with links and potentially broken links and can drive traffic away from your site.

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On sites like mine where I deal with women’s and feminist issues, I moderate every comment and spam comments will take up time.

My web hoster offered me anti spam for around £35 a year – and with the cost of having my website increasing every day and doulaing not being the most lucrative of professions, I wasn’t so struck on that idea so after a lot of googling I came up with Anti Spam by Clean Talk and paid around £15 for 3 years for the upgraded version. 

Much more affordable.

It seems to be fast (website speed is another thing I am learning about), constantly updated, is keeping my site safe and spam and generally I am really pleased with my decision to give it a try.

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