Deleting Private Messages From A Facebook Business Page

As a part of reviewing everything in light of the new GDPR regulations – I have been deleting old emails and messages – yesterday I started to tackle my business facebook page (you do not want to know how many messages I have in there).

So in I go to my inbox thinking I will hit delete, delete, delete, delete, ok time consuming but pretty simple yes – but then this is Facebook so NO, absolutely not simple.

I spent half of yesterday trying all sorts of ways to delete them and there was no delete option to be found. Fruitless and annoying.

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Finally today after much googling, I have figured it out – so here is your handy 8 step guide to deleting private messages from your Facebook Business Page.

First you need to change to the older version of the Facebook In Box by clicking on the little question mark.

click the question mark

Then you need to click “use previous version”.

use previous version

Tick the tick box on the left hand side which shows if you hover over the message (I ticked everything in one go as I want to delete nearly everything in there but be careful you don’t lose stuff you want).

Tick box on left hand side

Then select move to archive by clicking on the action drop down button.

Actions – Archive

Click on the inbox drop down button and chose archived to get at the messages you just moved.

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Go to archive

Tick the small box on the left hand side you again get if you hover over the message.

Tick box again

On the actions drop down button you now have an option to delete the message (or messages), being careful not to delete any you want to keep.

Actions – Delete

Either keep this version of your inbox and go back to your old one by clicking go to new inbox.

Go to new inbox

I am also using this as an opportunity to say hello (and goodbye) to old clients and contacts and letting them know I am deleting the conversation.

Let me know if you have found this guide useful by commenting below.

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