The Amazing Home Birth of Lawrence – 10 pound 4 ounces.

Lawrence 10 pound 4 ounces

This is a guest blog post from Katy Gearing from our Home Birth Support Group UK. Katy runs Jenni Bean Sling Consultancy CIC and the Thame Sling and Nappy Library. It is the story of her home birth with her predicted ENORMOUS baby and possible gestational diabetes. Birth story of Lawrence, born Saturday 12th January …

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Baby Belly and Squidgy Bits

Squidgy Bits

This morning I got love bombed by this pair. They jumped into bed with me and gave me a million kisses. Then they started using my belly as a springboard, that post 4 children belly I have been looking at and thinking it was time I did something with. They kissed it, loved it, squished …

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Tiny Toes and Baby Grows

tiny toes and baby grows

I wrote this one about baby wearing my youngest. It reflects only too well those blissful feelings having him so close to my heart felt. ​I have also had the privilege of carrying a few of my clients baby’s post-natally which is an absolute honour. Tiny Toes And Baby Grows His tiny toes, his soft …

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Feeding on the Floor


Feeding on the Floor Outside Door 3 of Harrods to be Precise. Like a vagrant, people walked past me and stepped over me without a second glance, me and my invisible child, the 2 doormen there blindly refused to acknowledge my existence. But “Oh, the shoes!”. It an was an absorbing place to be – …

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The Beautiful Home Birth With Gestational Diabetes of Regina Yujia Bai

Home Testing

This is a guest blog post from Regina Yujia Bai. It tells the story of her beautiful home birth after a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes and of tandem nursing her new born and toddler. It is very unusual to hear Home Birth and Gestation Diabetes in the same sentence, so when Regina posted her story …

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Where Do Missing Socks Go – One For All The Parents Out There

Where Do Missing Socks Go_

To the tune of – Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Whitney Houston. As a parent to 4, this is one of the great mysteries of my life!!! Where Do Missing Socks Go? I know it’s been some time But there’s something missing I cant find You see I haven’t been the same Since I threw …

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