Suzanna’s Unassisted Homebirth During Covid

Glorious Freebirth

Suzanna is a member of the Home Birth Support Group and our freebirth and preparing for birth without a midwife group. This is her freebirth story in her words and pictures. “Marley James, My 3rd baby, born at home in water birth pool, 40 + 6, 6th July, 2.18am Freebirth Previous labour’s….So after a very …

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Positive Home to Hospital Birth during Covid


Guest blog of this beautiful birth story, from our Home Birth Support Group UK, by Kirsty Smart. ??? Birth Story ??? Baby boy, 7lb7.5oz, 12.30pm Friday 24th April, 40+1, 3rd baby. Hello! My waters started to go at 6.20am after a couple of very little niggles that had woken me. My waters have never gone …

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The Amazing Home Birth of Lawrence – 10 pound 4 ounces.

Lawrence 10 pound 4 ounces

This is a guest blog post from Katy Gearing from our Home Birth Support Group UK. Katy runs Jenni Bean Sling Consultancy CIC and the Thame Sling and Nappy Library. It is the story of her home birth with her predicted ENORMOUS baby and possible gestational diabetes. Birth story of Lawrence, born Saturday 12th January …

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The Midwife Who Goes Above and Beyond

Going Above And Beyond

Using her own time, through social media, her working role, her knowledge, she tries to ensure women get to make informed choices. Where she can, she supports women as much as possible to have what they want and encourages them to think for themselves. She runs classes and tries to fill them. She appreciates the …

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This is NOT informed consent.

-dsc6919 (1)

This is not informed consent, its a chart. Based on some recent experiences I have been left feeling somewhat unhappy with the way I watch birthing and pregnant women treated. The headline picture, that is not either informed consent or individualised care, it is a chart. Sometimes I take more care in explaining to my …

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