Positive Home to Hospital Birth during Covid


Guest blog of this beautiful birth story, from our Home Birth Support Group UK, by Kirsty Smart. ??? Birth Story ??? Baby boy, 7lb7.5oz, 12.30pm Friday 24th April, 40+1, 3rd baby. Hello! My waters started to go at 6.20am after a couple of very little niggles that had woken me. My waters have never gone …

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Big Baby Information


I’ll edit this later but while I’m sat in a field my Home Birth Support Group UK shows me induction and caesarean for big baby pressure is rising.This is despite NICE and RCOG (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and The Royal College of Obstetrians and Gynaecologists) both clearly stated this is not advised with NICE going further and stating that scanning the general population for big baby is also not advised.

Are Doula and Birth Advocacy Mutually Exclusive Roles.

Can A Doula Advocate_Can An Advocate Doula_

Recently I have seen a spate of facebook and twitter memes being shared, about Doulas and how we should not be advocating, expressing shock and horror that the word advocacy is even being used. I consider myself both a doula and a birth advocate – I don’t think the 2 are mutually exclusive, but that …

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This is NOT informed consent.

-dsc6919 (1)

This is not informed consent, its a chart. Based on some recent experiences I have been left feeling somewhat unhappy with the way I watch birthing and pregnant women treated. The headline picture, that is not either informed consent or individualised care, it is a chart. Sometimes I take more care in explaining to my …

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International Women’s Day, Riverfront, Newport, March 2016.

International Women's Day

Having come back from this International Womens Day event, at the Riverfront, I am all fired up. It was a beautiful emotional day and it made for me crystal clear, something that I already knew, at the moment, women should be able to own their bodies and their births, without argument and coercion, but they …

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AIMS – Am I Allowed Book Review

am i allowed

Absolutely essential reading for any birthing woman and her birth partner. AIMS – Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services. An organisation that their website says “AIMS … at the forefront of the childbirth movement for more than fifty years. Working towards normal birth Providing independent support and information about maternity choices Raising awareness of …

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Birth Rape – We Don’t Do That Here – Do We? Birth, Doulas and Informed Consent.

Coerced Consent Is NOT Consent.

For International Womens Day 2018. Doulas provide non medical birth support for the childbearing year and beyond. In practice this means we do anything a birthing and newly birthed woman needs. Doulas do a lot – placenta encapsulation, aqua natal, ante natal, positive birth work, post natal work, breast feeding support, new mother support, baby …

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Happy International Women’s Day.


You are brave, you are strong and you are amazing. You are beautiful, you are true and you are magical. You are kind, you are funny, you bring joy. You were born with the power to create life. Today – on this our day – you are not alone. We hold each other in a …

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