Tiny Toes and Baby Grows

I wrote this one about baby wearing my youngest. It reflects only too well those blissful feelings having him so close to my heart felt.

​I have also had the privilege of carrying a few of my clients baby’s post-natally which is an absolute honour.

Tiny Toes And Baby Grows

His tiny toes, his soft little nose

His smell, his feet and how he grows

Each moment is fleeting

Each day flies by

As I carry him with me

My little man and I

Together we dash

Through the rain, hail and snow

A child on each hand

And the baby in his baby grow

Wrapped to his mother

Growing as our family grows

Close enough to kiss

That’s how our journey began

Now up on my back

My darling little one

Looking around him

He giggles in joy

Close to me, no need for toys

They are always with me

The children of my heart

Each one is special

Each brought a new start

But my carried baby

We are never apart

My Roo in his pouch

Is my precious last born

So I carry him

My past, my present and my future

On my front, my back, my hip

A life – reborn.

Samantha Gadsden 2013

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