And They Never Even Gave Me Cup Of Tea

“And they never even gave me a up of tea”. The words of many newly birthed women talking about their births in busy hospitals.

Its such a simple sentence with so much meaning. It can mean.

” I was alone”, “I was frightened”, “No-one came”, “I didn’t want to make a fuss”, ” I wanted support”, “I was a good girl so I didn’t ask”.

It means so much more than “they never even gave me a cup of tea”.

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“My waters broke and I started having contractions, it turned out to be not all my waters, so they broke my waters again, I was put into a room and left alone vomiting, in loads of pain, for over 3 hours, with no medical care, the receptionist brought me my gas and air and someone, no idea who, did a pethidine injection. Other than this my partner and I were left by ourselves.

When my midwife finally arrived she was very apologetic but was leaving – I was given a new midwife after handover, by this point I was in so much pain I had no option but to go to epidural.

There was no-one there to console me, to help me, to explain to me what was happening, I had lost it and had no control.

They didn’t even give me a cup of tea”.

ET, St. Michaels Hospital, Bristol, University Hospital Bristol.

As a Doula who works with previous births and does some birth trauma support its important to get to the root of the issue so the healing process can begin. With a doula you are NEVER alone.

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