2 thoughts on “Why Do You Want Your Baby To Die? Coercive Language And Induction Experiences.”

  1. Wow, it’s crazy to know there are so many other women who felt they had no say in their birth. I always wanted a natural home birth but being an older mum at 38 and borderline gestational diabetes I was given no choice.
    I was in 4 days being induced, the constant meddling about made me go into complete retention and my bladder occluded the cervix. When they catheterised me I went into shock and they put it down to sepsis. After 12 hours of constant contractions I signed a consent form for an epidural as I was in agony and ended up with a c section.
    I spent the next 3 nights sitting in the edge of my bed as I was so much pain I couldn’t get into bed. I was breastfeeding and couldn’t put baby down or she’d scream. This was the only time I would see anyone–to tell me off that my baby was starving!! By the second day I was in so much pain and exhausted I was convinced they were going to take her off me and cried uncontrollably for days after I went home. I lost a lot of blood and only realised I should be on iron after the health visitor mentioned it.
    I consider myself very fortunate for the experience to have not affected me too much. Once we were home, I was able to enjoy being a new mum but feel I was robbed of the chance to have the best experience of my life. It was unnecessarily stressful for both myself and my baby who I knew wasn’t ready to be born.

    • I am so sorry I missed this post – I am also sorry for your awful experiences – it should never happen like this – even when birth does change course – kindness goes such a long way and post natal support is vital. xx


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