The Beautiful Home Birth With Gestational Diabetes of Regina Yujia Bai

This is a guest blog post from Regina Yujia Bai. It tells the story of her beautiful home birth after a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes and of tandem nursing her new born and toddler.

It is very unusual to hear Home Birth and Gestation Diabetes in the same sentence, so when Regina posted her story in the Home Birth Group UK I co-admin I asked her if I could share it as it is something I often get asked as a Doula and in birth groups I admin.

This is Regina’s birth story in her own words.

“#Successful home birth with Gestational diabetes #

Warning: Sorry it’s such a long story but I got so much encouragement and positive information from this group just thought I would like to share all the bits and details with you guys and hopefully it could help some other mums under the same circumstances! Love to you all!

So my first contraction started exactly at 3:00 am, it started with 30s long and 3-4 minutes apart, after 30 minutes it went stronger and more regular. So we decided to call the midwife and birth photographer. Tried calling our babysitter but couldn’t get through and our daughter (22 months old) woke up while my husband was pumping the pool.

I went upstairs and tried settling her, but couldn’t handle nursing (yep she’s still on boobs) and contractions at the same time, so I called my husband to bring her to the kitchen. She was completely chilled even if it was 3:30 in the morning.

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The midwife came at about 4:00. My contractions were getting much longer and stronger, babysitter still not answering her phone and the other midwife was on her way. At 5am I started to have the urge to push, my husband had just started to fill the pool in the kitchen, and I decided to lie on my side on the sofa in the living room hoping the contractions would calm down a bit. The midwife was sitting on the floor and filling some forms and writing down my sugar level.

I had been testing my sugar level hourly which was a bit of a pain while you trying to ride through the contractions. And all over a sudden, I had a huge urge to push, and I reached down — “baby’s head is there” I shouted. So the midwife came around and shouted at my husband “baby’s going to be here now”.

And he ran into the living room, leaving our daughter in the kitchen floor watching Peppa Pig (turns out Peppa Pig is the best babysitter). And after two pushes about 10 minutes, baby’s there! 7 lbs 7 oz!✊​

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He was Born En-Caul, which only apparently happens in less than 1/80,000 born. The midwife told me he was still in a complete amniotic sac while crowning. And most of his body was still covered by the sac when he was fully out!

First Precious Moments

The other midwife arrived 20 mins after the birth. I had a natural, physiological third stage. Placenta was delivered 25 minutes after the birth. With a little 1st degree tear without stitches (2nd degrees last time with several stitches), with hardly any bleed and without any pain relief.

Post birth : we tested baby’s sugar levels with an accu check mobile, and lancet provided by the midwife – they have a special one for taking newborn’s blood. We did 3 tests they were 2.6 2.7 and 2.8. So was perfect.

We introduced the newborn to our daughter, I tandem nursed them on the sofa, they immediately began bonding like a dream, the midwives left us around 7am. We just all snuggled in the sofa, our daughter was eating some baked beans while I having my camomile tea.

Camomile Tea.

​Though I didn’t get my water birth but everything still just feels so perfect.

Now only 3 days after birth my bleeding has almost completely stopped. I had a managed 3rd stage and bled about a months afterward. So would never go back to that option!
Thanks again you lovely people in this group (Home Birth Group UK)! I hope you will all get your well deserved home birth!”

​Stunning birth imagery by Lillian Craze Birth Photography.

​For more information on birthing with Gestational Diabetes, good resources include, Gestational Diabetes by Deborah Hughes available from AIMs and Sarah Wickham’s website.

There is also this excellent blog post – “Gestational Diabetes Resource“, written by my fellow doula Lindsay Dalton of Gentle Mama Doula, which signposts to many other additional resources. 

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