Home Birth Turned Positive Induction – South Wales

This is the story, in her own words, of Jen Lewis, a member of our South Wales Home Birth Group.  

Jen had been looking forward to her home birth, enjoying support from the group and her community midwife, with whom she had an excellent relationship.

As is the way of birth however, things did not go to plan and Jen came back to the group to tell us her story.

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“Just wanted to update on my birth story…

I had a homebirth planned and on my home birth check, I also had a midwife checkup where I found out myblood pressure had shot to 171/106. I was gutted.

Managed to get it borderline with meds but decided it was too risky to home birth. I saw a consultant at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, who was fabulous, she understood my need for normality and put together a plan for me to birth at the alongside Midwife Led Unit (MLU).

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Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be either as last weekend I was admitted to triage as yet again my blood pressure had continued to creep to worrying levels. After getting very upset myself and my partner decided the best thing for us as a family unit was for me to accept an induction (my idea of hell) before it crept to even more worrying levels or I developed pre eclampsia.

I literally went from no interventions to facing everything.

Well, fast forward to today. I started the induction process on Monday with a 24 hour pessary. Followed by 2 6 hour pessaries on Tuesday. I then had my waters broken early hours of this morning and started on the hormone drip. I was terrified.

However, I had AMAZING midwives at the Gwent who totally respected my need for normality.

I had the band 7 midwife, who I heard doesn’t usually attend births anymore and she helped to provide amazing, midwifery led care in the consultant led unit.

I used a TENS and birth ball to get me into established labour and then just gas and air and a shot of pethidine for the rest. They helped me change positions, didn’t press anything on me and my established labour lasted all of 5 hours and I had nothing but a graze. First time mum too.

I was terrified of being induced at the Gwent. It was a million miles from what I wanted and all I’d heard were horror stories. It honestly could not have gone better and I just wanted to share to help anyone else facing a similar situation. ????

So everyone meet Fraser Lewis Jones 20/09/2018 weighing 8lb 4oz.”

Homebirth turned Positive Induction, Royal Gwent Hospital, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.

Samantha Says

Jen’s story is really important, because induction stories are not always so positive, women are often laid on a bed and monitored and are not prepared for how long the induction process can take.

In these days of an epidemic of inductions you can see from Jen’s story how important her preparations were, because they enabled her to know what she wanted and to stay active – these preparation along with the fact Jen and her partner fully understood the medical need for her baby to come sooner and postitive, respectful care from her health care providers made all the difference to Jen’s birth.

For more information and current guidelines on induction – read my blog “Sweeps and Inductions, Inducting Labour, Making Informed Decisions” – HERE and consider joining the facebook group – Induction Of Labour.

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