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The birth story of Scarlett Hana and Baby Atlas – 7lb 2oz, born on the 19th Jan

Scarlett is a member of my Home Birth Support Group UK – she was looking forward to her home birth, however her contractions did not start for 36 hours, with concerns about his movements, Scarlett made the informed decision to go into hospital.

As is the way of birth however, things did not go to plan and Scarlett came back to the group to tell us her story.

“Baby Atlas – 7lb 2oz, born on the 19th Jan. 

So we didn’t get our homebirth, due to PROM (premature rupture of membranes) and reduced movement, but I had a really positive induction.

I went into hospital at 8am for a routine check and ended up being induced that same day. I got started on the drip at 12pm. Was offered the epidural numerous times, but decided I’d like to at least try without. It’s my 4th baby and I’ve never needed one before. I had been practicing hypnobirthing this time and felt confident that I could manage with just that and some gas and air.

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Contractions started at 12.30pm and I managed until 4.30pm with just “in for 4 out for 8” breathing and a “pain is good” mantra. I was examined at this point and was only 2cm with a small pocket of water left. The midwife offered to release it as she believed it was stopping progress as it was stuck somewhere near baby’s head. We agreed and I instantly jumped to 4cm and the contractions definitely ramped up so I asked for some gas.

I continued to do the hypno-breathing with the gas and the lead midwife came in the check the CTG (Cardiotocography also known as CFM or continuous fetal monitoring) and said that I was talking and laughing too much so turned the drip up to the max.

My midwife was actually really upset with this decision and by 6.30pm baby was in distress so she turned it off completely and allowed my body to take over. A doctor arrived and wanted to examine me. I was 8cm and in absolutely agony after the examination. This was the only point that I felt like I had lost control. 

I started to feel different and I knew baby would be here soon. The doctor was desperately trying to get me onto my back (I was lying on my right side facing my partner) as he wanted to attach a clip to baby’s head. In between contractions I just kept shouting “no, he will be here soon”.

I started to push just before 7pm and they asked me to stop so they could check I was 10cm.

I ignored all the voices in the room and did what my body told me to do.

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Atlas was born at 7.04pm with the cord wrapped rightly around his neck, which explained the dips in heart rate. When his head was out I tried to push again and felt a strong resistance. I was really worried about shoulder dystocia as I have experienced this before, but I think it was the cord.

The midwife had to actually pull him out of me. He was a bit slow to take his first breath and needed a really vigorous rub down. 

We did manage to get some delayed cord clamping but sadly the cord was cut before the placenta was delivered. 

It wasn’t the birth we wanted but I’m so pleased I was able to stay in control for the first time and have finally come away from a birth feeling happy and empowered. 

This group has been such an amazing source of knowledge. Thank you.” 

Positive Induction with Nuchal Cord 

Watford General Hospital, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Samantha Says

This is such a vitally important birth story – many inductions are not so positive and that is because women are unprepared, haven’t thought about it before it happen and expect it to be a very fast process, these stories of remaining in control help women and families know that they are still birthing, this has not become a medical procedure and they are still in charge of their own births and their own bodies.  Coming to the group for support, I was able to share another positive induction story – that of Jen Lewis and gentle caesarean information so Scarlett could prepare herself for all eventualities. 

These preparations, along with her preparations for home birth and hypnobirthing, ensured Scarlett was able to take charge of her own birth, insist on her needs being met and was an incredible birth warrior.

There are examples of both amazing and poor health care practitioner practice and Scarlett’s main midwife sounds so empowered. 

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