Home Birth for Gardeners

Early one morning, my client was in early labour, not really sure what to do with herself, her children were sleeping, snug in their beds – so I suggested a bath.

Whilst I was running a nice warm bath for her to help her through those early stages, it sprung to mind how much she loved flowers, herbs and her own garden.

Having been reminded of her love of nature, I quickly nipped out and picked a selection of flowers in full bloom – purple is her favourite colour and they just jumped out at me, I also chose some fresh herbs, I placed them in the bath as it ran.

Little did I know, this simple gesture absolutely thrilled her, on entering the bathroom a huge smile crossed her face,. she loved relaxing, own music in background, children still sleeping in their own beds, cooking her baby in the herbs and flowers she had lovingly grown herself.

A beautiful rainbow baby, who made her family of 4 complete as a family of 5.

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