Home Birth Of Baby Joey – Grand Multigravida Baby Number 9

This is the story, in her own words, of Michelle Bannon, a member of the Home Birth Support Group UK.

” I thought I’d share my birth story as I couldn’t have wished for anything better or more perfect.

Baby Joey arrived at 2.31 pm on the 1/12/18, he is baby number 9 for me so as you can all imagine, the battles I’ve had for a homebirth have been ridiculous!!

I refused all consultant care as I didn’t need the extra stress, I knew my risks and decided for myself that it wasn’t really a risk! My main ‘risk’ was parity followed by previous caesarean birth – section but I’d had a successful vaginal birth after caesarean (vbac)  so that wasn’t a real concern. 

I had been in slow labour or something uncomfortable anyway, from been 38 weeks exactly! I was having stop start pains, constant daggers, I cried so much that last week it’s unreal lol.

Thurs 29th I was 39 weeks and that night I was fed up and told Hubby he got the baby in so he best get him out!! he was happy to oblige lol.

The next day I was losing loads of watery/slimey plug which I don’t usually after dtd, then I lost some brown yuk which made me think maybe something could be happening. My mum came back off holiday that afternoon and came up to help with the school runs as Hubby was working till 7pm.

I was woken at midnight with baby moving strange it was as if he was shaking his head in my foof so I got up and went to the toilet then when I bent down my waters gushed everywhere!!!

I was scared as my waters have never gone before contractions and after the Emma Willis thing with cord prolapse I was panicking, I rang labour ward to tell them and because I’d planned a homebirth they sent midwives out to check me over.


I don’t know if its standard or because I’m ‘high risk’ but the midwife at the hospital said I had to be assessed within 2hrs of waters going ????‍♀️ I didn’t mind anyway as she never suggested I have to go to hospital.

I had 2 lovely midwives come at 1.15 am and not long after they arrived I started getting some pains so they decided to stay with me as I have a history of quick labours, pains got to 5 minutes apart lasting a good 50 seconds but then the kids started to wake and with all the madness of them wanting advent calendars and stuff the pains practically stopped!!

At 7.30 am the midwives suggested I went to bed where it’s quiet and try and get some sleep as I had been awake from 6 am friday morning and they would go but would come back if things ramped up!

I managed to have a couple of hours sleep then was woke with a couple of strong contractions. My mum came up to help keep the kids in check as they were been rowdy as hubby was trying to split himself into 2 by trying to sort them and be with me! she’s great my mum she got cracking with the wash basket and made the kids some lunch.

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By 11.30 am they were back to 5 minutes and a lot more painful so hubby rang the hospital to get midwife back to me. she arrived just before 12 and it was a different midwife to the earlier ones as they had gone off shift.

I had planned on giving birth in the lounge with my Christmas tree and Christmas music but with the kids all home I decided to stay in my bedroom so hubby made the bed waterproof with shower curtains but I’d got comfy on the floor lent over my ball so he got the old duvet for me to kneel on then I demanded christmas songs on.

At 1 pm the midwife rang the 2nd midwife to give her the heads up that things were progressing and to make her way to us, she arrived at 1.30 pm.

I was starting to really heavy breathe and struggle with the pains so I asked for some gas and air at 2.15 pm then the next contraction I was involuntary pushing and only really using the mouth piece to bite on.

I still had my pants on at this point as I kept saying they couldn’t take them off ????‍♀️????‍♀️???? so the midwife had to quickly take them off and she could see his head coming, a few more pushes and he was out at 2.31pm.

I was helped onto the bed so they could monitor my loss as that was the main concern and I agreed to have the injection to help my uterus contract, we had skin to skin and delayed cord clamping until the placenta came out about 30mins later.

Overall i lost about 200ml of blood so no drama there!

I had 8 little people sat outside desperate to see the baby so the midwives went downstairs to fill their notes in so the kids could see him. They left at about 5 pm and not long after in was snuggled in fresh pjs with pizza because I was starving.

I’m over the moon to get the homebirth I really wanted and couldn’t have asked for better care from the midwives who attended they were lovely. So I had baby number 9 at home against medical advice and lived to tell the tale ????????

Good luck to others waiting for their turn ????

Samantha Says

This is such a beautiful story of doing your own research, trusting your own instincts and making informed decisions for yourself.

I cannot and would not give medical advice and can only suggest you do your own research, however there is very little evidence for the perceived risks of being a grand multigravida – which according to NICE Guidelines is a woman who is

“grand multiparity (more than six pregnancies)”

Although in their pathway “Intrapartum Care for Healthy Women” they reduce this number to 4.

1.14.29 Advise women with risk factors for postpartum haemorrhage to give birth in an obstetric unit, where more emergency treatment options are available……..

  • Antenatal risk factors:
    • grand multiparity (parity 4 or more)

A search of the Royal College of Gynaecologists brings back this “Parity and Postpartum Hemorrhage” which is all the information Michelle was given. This paper is very inconclusive in whether or not there is additional risk.

For more information on a physiological third stage read HERE.

Welcome to the world Joey and congratulations Michelle.


Samantha Gadsden walks with women on their life’s journeys. She is an experienced Doula, based close to Cardiff in South Wales, mother to 4 children and wife to Eddie, more information can be found on her facebook page, Samantha Gadsden Doula and her website, Caerphilly DoulaSOS DoulaTelephone and online support is always available.

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