You Say My Skirt Is Too Short For My Legs – By Freyja Aged 13.

Freyja is a beautiful, vibrant 13 year old girl – who shared her poem with me at the Pheonix Home Education Camp.

I loved her vibrant, empowered words and I know adult women who could take a leaf out of her book and so I asked if I could share her powerful words as an example to others and also of how amazing and powerful our home edded children are.

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You Say My Skirt Is Too Short For My Legs – Freyja 13.

“You say my skirt is too short for my legs,
I say your head is too big for your neck ,
You tell me to change and I do as I’m told,
Though do you have the right to tell me where I can show,
If my father tells me I look like a slag,
That’s perfectly fine I’ll change it back,
But you cannot tell me to dress as you please,
Anyway my skirt goes down to my knees,
So leave and you never need return for my mother can tell me how to wear my skirts,
No don’t get down on your knees and beg ,just go away and get out of my head,
You’ve had enough power and control now it’s my turn to lead and your turn to follow,
So take your options and your bigheaded thoughts cos my clothes are my clothes and your clothes are yours,
Don’t tell me you love me ; that is a lie,
You love what you could make of me and that isn’t right,
Now go, go and go quick for then I might be allowed to live ,
To live as my own not as someone’s label,
Otherwise I might as well live in a stable,
So leave get out the door because,
My life is my life , and your life is yours”.

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Samantha says – “PS I know her dad would never call her a slag! He is a lovely man”.

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