Creative Writing – What Is This Doubt That Bites Me

Having just returned from 3 weeks at camp, I thought I would share the autobiographical poems I wrote at Samantha Pearse’s wonderful, creative writing workshop at Druid Camp.

Tears On Strangers

Yesterday I cried on strangers

Today friends cried on me

A perfect simile

Of my life

And me

Its the illusion of invincibility

That makes those tears on strangers

A more comfortable place to be

Without the weight of responsibility for others

Often placed

On me

By me

Which Is Me?

Camp is a place for my selfhood

Where I can be fully me

I dress how I like

And be who I am

Just me

Just free

I doubt if I belong at times

Is this real

Which is truly me

The grey haired

Middle Aged

Plump mother of four

Or the silver haired

Floaty goddess

Who strides confidently

Mostly barefoot

Across the field

The wild woman inside

Who yearns to be free

In this place of magic

Of druids and fire

Of earth, air and water

And then I know

Myriad aspects

Multi sharded mirror views

All are me

What Is This Doubt That Bites Me?

What is this doubt

That sometimes bites me

Late at night

Or in the wee small hours of morn

While the wind howls

And camp sleeps

Gentle snores

Child cries

Soft sighs

Pleasure moans

Community sounds

Of life as it is meant to be

Soft words and gentle hands

Sooth my body, mind, my all

The kindness of my circle

Nourishes me and my children

Satisfying many levels

Those seen and unseen

The biological and metaphysical

And camp feeds

Feeds my magic

Expands my hands

My heart, my very soul

Sating all aspects of me

Photo courtesy of Tony Faulkner and Walks With Hawks (we have amazing opportunities at Camp – this is another one of them I did the same week).

Samantha Gadsden walks with women on their life’s journeys. She is an experienced Doula, based close to Cardiff in South Wales, mother to 4 children and wife to Eddie, more information can be found on her facebook page, Samantha Gadsden Doula and her website, Caerphilly DoulaSOS DoulaTelephone and online support is always available.

If you are interested in writing a guest blog or sharing a life or birth story please feel free to contact her HERE.

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