All About Mooncups – And Why I Love Mine

I was terrified of using a Mooncup. I have had 4 children – I mean what if – SHOCK HORROR, it FELL OUT – blood filled and all.

I have been trying to reduce our environmental impact for a long time – but a Mooncup, this I was resisting – surely my vagina was just TOO LARGE (despite the massive improvements in my pelvic floor and love life from my yoni eggs but that is another blog post to be written).

Come on – 4 children, 1 set of forceps and a ventouse – it must be massive yes.

Then last July (2017) at an off grid camp, the shop only had MOONCUPS.

“Oh no way”, say I.

“Yes way” (or words to that effect) said my good friend Noelia, of Quinta Poldra de Beira, she quickly checked what size I would need, and then I bravely put this silicone cup into my gianormous vagina, fully expecting the blood to overflow and the whole thing to fall out.

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It was temporary, just until I could get to a shop (except once I am off grid, off grid I like to stay for the summer so it could be a while).

And that was that – Mooncup all the way, no more reusable pads, emergency tampons that give me thrush, no more always night time super duper sanitary towels into landfill. It was a one off cost that has long since paid for itself in terms of cashflow, benefits to the environment and health benefits to me.

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I have been using the same Mooncup, without issue, for 11 months, it has never fallen out, it forms a vacuumed seal and has never leaked, my periods are shorter and pain free these days, (there is nothing sucking the flow out), I use my menstrual blood to fertilise the garden, the flowers are blooming and my herbs are growing beautifully and I have fallen in love with my Mooncup – becoming a Mooncup Affiliate.

I don’t find it uncomfortable to fit but this quote may help.

My 10 year old and I have discussed menstruation products, she wants to use a Mooncup, although it may well be re-useable cloth at first, she takes saving the environment very seriously. 

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Mooncup have an advice service run by medical health professionals. They can be contacted on

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“It is a soft silicone cup that you can re-use every period”.

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Switch to Mooncup and leave the past behind.

As a Mooncup affiliate I receive a small commission from any purchase through a click on this page, it does not increase the price and is absolutely not why I am recommending one.

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  1. I’m impressed your 8 year old is considering this but I’m still not sure about a moon cup might join her in the cloth route first. Tried a tampon once and couldn’t follow through so I’m thinking I’ll be the same with a moon cup.


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