The Stillness Between Day and Night

I woke this morning
And the sky was a strange, dark grey
It was not night and yet
The first pink, rays of dawn
Were not to be seen.
A mist was there
Shrouding the earth
Making the view hazy
And more than a little surreal
It was a place of in between
The birds were silent
The traffic was still
I wished I’d had my phone to hand
That I could take a photo
But I do not think an image
Could capture
The strange stillness I felt
In the exact moment
Between day and night
©Samantha Gadsden May 2017

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Samantha Gadsden walks with women on their life’s journeys. She is an experienced Doula, based close to Cardiff in South Wales, mother to 4 children and wife to Eddie, more information can be found on her facebook page, Samantha Gadsden Doula and her website, Caerphilly DoulaSOS DoulaTelephone and online support is always available.
If you are interested in writing a guest blog or sharing a life or birth story please feel free to contact her HERE.

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