The Monster in the Dark


I have been sat on this blog post for over a year, I had forgotten I had written it and just stumbled across it and realised it is still relevant. These are just my musings, forgive me if its a bit rambling, I was just going to post my poem but the words poured out …

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Creative Writing – What Is This Doubt That Bites Me

Walks With Hawks

Having just returned from 3 weeks at camp, I thought I would share the autobiographical poems I wrote at Samantha Pearse’s wonderful, creative writing workshop at Druid Camp. Tears On Strangers Yesterday I cried on strangers Today friends cried on me A perfect simile Of my life And me Its the illusion of invincibility That …

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Who Were The Witches? 

fire night

I came across this when I was updating my book of chants. I had to blog it – I have always considered Doulas wise women of old. Click HERE for more information on National and Local Birth Pool and Tens hire. Who Were The Witches?   by Bonnie Lockhart copyright Bonnie Lockhart chorus: Who were the …

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Doulas, Conferences, Manchester, Homelessness, Poetry and Rainbows.

Wonderful Rainbow

Given the recent events in Manchester and the atrocities committed there – I thought this would be a good time to share the light and love I found in the Train Station on my way home from the uplifting Doula UK Conference 2017. My friend Jen and I were snacking and waiting for it to …

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Tiny Toes and Baby Grows

tiny toes and baby grows

I wrote this one about baby wearing my youngest. It reflects only too well those blissful feelings having him so close to my heart felt. ​I have also had the privilege of carrying a few of my clients baby’s post-natally which is an absolute honour. Tiny Toes And Baby Grows His tiny toes, his soft …

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