Book Review: Men, Love and Birth – Mark Harris

What a refreshing, amusing, powerful book and great addition to the birthing scene.

I don’t actually want to write too much about this book as it contains quite a few surprises. I will say if you are a birthing woman – don’t read it. Get it for your “lover” and let him read it, then sit back and let him surprise you in many small ways.

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It’s a cross between an educational resource, a stand up comedian and in parts the Karma Sutra, I literally laughed out loud at words I never expected to read in a birthing book – “no finishing off on her breasts”.

It helps debunk the myths of birth for the man in your life, providing clear, easy to read explanations of many aspects surrounding pregnancy and birth and challenging current medical practices in ways I was pleasantly surprised to read from one of the few UK males midwives.

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I bought it as a resource to use in my work supporting men at pre and during birth and am really impressed by its content. A read of this is highly recommended and I have added it to my short list of essential reading for my clients partners.

Having met Mark Harris a number of times now his passion for birth and for supporting men at birth is outstanding.

Me and Mark Harris

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